Microsoft Windows and Office installations

Computer Services

From computer repairs and hardware upgrades to software installations and network configurations, I would like to help you in your computer problems.  

Do you have a computer running slow or an old computer that you would like to put to work?  Many times installing an SSD drive and re-installing the operating system can turn your computer to be productive again.  

Operating system selection

I will help you choose the most suitable operating system based on your needs and hardware specifications. We'll guide you through the options and recommend the best edition for your specific requirements, whether it's Windows 10, Windows 11, or other versions.

Installation and Configuration

I will handle the complete installation and configuration process for you. I'll ensure that the installation is performed correctly, including setting up the appropriate language, time zone, and system preferences. Additionally, we'll assist with user account creation and initial setup to personalize user experience.

Driver and Software Installation

As part of the service, I'll install the necessary drivers for your hardware components to ensure optimal performance and compatibility. Also assist you in installing essential software applications and utilities, such as antivirus software, productivity tools, and media players, tailored to your specific needs.

Updates and Security

Keeping your operating system up to date is vital for performance, stability, and security. I will ensure that your Windows installation is equipped with the latest updates, patches, and security enhancements.

Data Migration and Backup

If you need to transfer data, I can helpt you with data migration. I can safely transfer your files, documents, photos, and other important data to your new Windows installation.

Hardware Upgrades and Repairs

If you need to upgrade your computer hardware or repair a malfunctioning component, I can help in troubleshooting, choose the right hardware and perform the installation or repair.


Computer Repairs